Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wooden Bulldozer Toy

One of my nieces has a bit of a thing for bulldozers so I thought I'd make her a nice wooden one. Once I was designing it I thought I may as well make three, one for my daughter and one for a friend's son. The tracks work very well. They are held together with rubber bands made from slices of bicycle tube.
Sketch Plans - some dimensions got changed during the build to fit the stock I had
Prepared stock from recycled Rimu

To make discs without a lathe I roughed them out on the bandsaw then turned them down on a center against the disc sander.

To get the wheels to run smoothly on some standard size dowel I drilled them out slightly undersize then made a custom reamer out of a piece of steel tube to get the right fit.
Reaming a wheel.
Glueing the side plates onto the core of the wheel. Two at once here.
Notching the track plates was very time consuming even using a simple jig on the band saw.

Assembling the track plates into a rubber band chain to make a track.


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